Charity Questions and Answers
Charity Questions and Answers

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Ok, so you offer Charity Advice, so what does that really mean?

Our articles can support your work with advice and skills that you may not be able to fund full time or even source at all. We are aware that 90% of UK charities turn over less than 500k. So our fees are tailored to your budget.

Large or small not enough charities seek advice, leadership training and expert experience from others

As a charity advice site we want you to have the the right frameworks for success, establishing a positive culture, quality improvement, continuous innovation and ensuring governance and oversight that has a concern for ongoing development, sustainability and strategy.


About our Founder

Jonathan Spencer - Executive Director

Jonathan is an experienced Healthcare COO and Charity CEO. Jonathan says “for many people charity is not the whole answer, but it can be the beginning of  journey of support, that is available nowhere else”


Jonathan founded charity checkup after seeing that there were many charities who were rightly focussed on their aims and objectives but needed help with Regulation, Governance,  Values and behaviours, Senior Management, IT, Branding Fundraising & Events
amongst others. “I wanted to offer charities the opportunity to get free advice to reach their aims and objectives.  in addition I wanted to promote to larger companies the value to them and their business of support for local and community charities”.

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We help you do more with your skills competencies and values, ensuring you understand the needs of your clients/service users, staff and stakeholders.

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Use our Q&A system to leave questions for others and start a discussion on Charity.

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Values and Behaviours

For staff and leadership teams

Do you need to embed core values and behaviours to recruit support and retain your staff?

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Quality Improvement

Mistakes are the path to improvement

Are you using regulation, governance, audit and the process improvement cycle to ensure you offer the highest standards?

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Your profile drives your income

What is your marketing strategy,  how will you use the web, business, and events to raise your profile and create and keep donors?

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Information Technology

Enhance communication

 You may need an easily maintained, standout affordable website, but, how are you using IT and web based systems, to improve flexibility, lower cost, and enhance administration?

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Leadership Support

Aims objectives, behaviours and values

How are you reaching your aims and objectives and how do you communicate your priorities to your staff. The plan is made now which direction?

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Supporting your values, your charity and you. From IT to branding and fundraising to governance, charity checkup questions and answer forums are there to offer charities support.

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Helpful articles, free information our own charity recipes section and news and views
  • What if? It is an important question for any organisation. Its important to realise circumstances can unexpectedly change and to be ready. A cycle of quality improvement and innovation. preparing ahead of time, building reserves, preserving a margin of safety, bounding risk, being creative, continuing to innovate, and honing charitable focus in good times and bad, means you can handle the challenges from a position of strength and flexibility. We learn from the mistakes, we survive.
    Come on Lets improve Quality

    Get better at what you do
  • Keep it Simple, don’t over complicate; be specific, methodical, and consistent. Because we need to turn strategic concepts into reality. A set of realistic practices are more enduring than mere tactics. These practices must be durable, practical, amendable. But if we have simplicity right, there will not be a lot to amend. Successful charities change around 20% of their practice every 10 years, the question is how do we build simplicity and what is the 20% we need to amend.
    Come on Lets Create Simplicity

    Be Specific, Methodical and Consistent
  • An audacious goal is clear and compelling, needing little explanation; people get it right away. In an environment of inconsistency and uncertainty, your goals will stand out. How you get there is about how you innovate. No matter how amazing the goal, even with the end in sight, it doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. There is no one killer innovation, no solitary lucky break, no miracle moment. Rather it is 20 miles a day from Lands End to John O’Groats, a series of actions and innovations that will find you embracing the change and, step by step, getting to where you want and need to be.
    Come on Lets get a handle on your audacious goals

    Embrace change, have big goals

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