April 2019
Charitable giving and expectation I have always struggled with the idea of ‘the deserving poor’ a term and an attitude I do not like, but what can we give, and what do we deserve. Ever had the hand stretched out to you ’50p for a cuppa tea’ or seen the down and outs on the...
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Charity rescue
Charity Rescue – strategic plan (12 weeks to plan) Charity Rescue sounds more like a non-profit charity organisation that rescues dogs than an idea that charity rescue is needed because many small to medium charities are failing.  Some charity trustees can’t cope with the idea of marketing, they hate the word ‘branding’ and they think...
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company support for charity
Your Company support for Charity | 7 reasons why its a good thing Perhaps you think your company support for charity is there, you do ‘red nose day’ and ‘children in need’ and get great telethon coverage, thats enough isn’t it? My simple answer is no, its not enough and you are doing yourselves and...
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