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You want to reach more people build your profile and network and of course generate more income. For that you need a . If after reading this you would like help advice and support then get in touch with  Jonathan via the contact page.

The along with a digital , and a financial should be part of your overall 3-5 year Strategic plan and sit alongside your branding. If it isn’t and you have focussed solely on financial outcomes then your progress may be more difficult.

1. Key Questions

The starting point for your should be what your organisation is trying to achieve. What are the goals for your and how are you going to get there? You should also be asking some other questions as we progress: what would we want to preserve, what shall we get rid of and is there anything we may want to steer clear of.

You need to understand where fits in to your strategic plan and take a wholistic view, once you have this you can progress.

2. Key Factors

Every aspect of your strategic plan  must analyse the key factors affecting your organisation, the environment in which you operate. This might be the key political, economic, social and technological factors affecting you then you should look at who your competitors are and then the financial framework you will need, the budget that may need to be allocated to . What are you are doing is balancing opportunities with risks and threats.

Here also you will need to look at your digital or even be building that in a similar way, asking about opportunities in social media, the internet and the use of hardware tech you may need.

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3. Key

What do you want to achieve for your ?  Improvements to your brand, , total improved revenue, a general improved profile.  It can be all of these and more but  you must be specific, write them to your and ensure they are measurable and not wooly. The other important aspect is as The management Guru Richard Templar says your must be realistic  and your organisation must be capable of achieving them.

4. Key messages

You can begin focusing your a little more by including key messages at this point, along with which segments of your target audience each message is aimed at. Try to be as specific as possible. If finance directors in housing associations are an important target for your key messages, say so. In the digital age you have to fight hard for people’s attention so your content should be as powerful and punchy as you can make it.

5. Key

You will have a target audience, it might be business, community groups, people of high net worth but your will need to identify who you will make your priority target and this will depend on your , whether they are mostly financial or more on the profile development side.  You should also consider that social media may bring you to new audiences and should be reviewed regularly.

6. Your Brand 

Brand isn’t just a cool logo with some font regulations – it’s the impression a makes, the ethos you have and the feeling your give out. It reflects your culture what people say, think and feel about you. Dont forget, its all you say and do and how the world looks at you and knows you are to be trusted. Too many big charities have forgotten this and had a wide negative impact on other non-profits because of ‘ scandal’.

7. Your 

Success with your  will be seen once you have a plan and have put the into practice. Then you will need to measure your success. You will need to decide what the KPIs are and how you will measure.  Is that numbers of people reached, money raised, events undertaken, social media up take or linking. A fancy dashboard or just a spreadsheet will do, but storing data to show your progress, changes over months and years will help you adjust your stray and build for success. The best is one that works so well it looks likeyou don’t have a because it has just become part of your culture.

Use our Q&A forums if you’d like to talk about your , and get support and assistance in building a with your senior team.

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