Charity Checkup – Charity s

Charity Checkup – Charity s

We want your charity to get straight As
We are the charity s who aim to get you from where you are to where you want be ing you on the way.
Small to medium charities struggle to compete with the larger charities who can afford full time marketers, fundraising teams and digital .
We can help with strategic planning, , digital , financial , cring and behaviours, leadership training, with fundraising, profile building and event .
We can assist with trustee engagement and offer training. We are also expert at demythologising IT and telecoms for charities with IT advice and that will put you at the forefront of communication and social media.


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We offer expert help with a full range of services. We have expertise across the board, led by an experienced charity CEO and calling on a pool of talent enabling us to identify the best opportunities for every client and offering the most appropriate solutions for your priorities.

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