Size Matters – for small Charities

Size Matters – for small Charities

If you are in a small , trust or foundation, and let us remember here 90% of UK charities turn over £500,000 or less, and 97% are charities. The TSB’s survey may have passed you by a few years ago, because you were trying to work out how to compete against the larger charities with bigger resources, but now is the time to sit up and think. At charity checkup we can make the difference, we can build help and support a marketing strategy and put you on a path to success.

The TSB’s research showed numerous not for profits are feeling the effect of rivalry from bigger better-financed associations. The why is simple, raising money in a small charity when competing with the bigger organisations whether that is a or national is tough. The bigger organisations have fundraising specialists or teams, with critical advertising spending plans and marketing strategies.

More than 50% of these small charities felt they just couldn’t compete.

Over 1/3 of people in the UK can’t name a ,

Nearly 2/3 of charities said they had a skills gap which increased workloads for other staff

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Nearly half of charities asked, said they we increasingly unable to take on new work, to reach more people.

In the sample of adults questioned half said they would give money to a if they just knew who they were and 10 percent said they would help raise money if it was for causes..

Head of community engagement at The TSB, Bola Gibson, said that the lack of awareness and profile among small, charities means they struggle to get their voice heard or their profile seen and this restricts their funding and operations.

charities are the lifeblood of the communities they serve, playing a vital role in supporting the daily lives of thousands of people,” Gibson said.

The Small Charities Coalition worked with TSB on the report. Their Chief executive knew from its members about the challenges facing small organisations.

He was really clear when he said “We hope that others are able to join us in highlighting and supporting the valuable work of small charities throughout the UK.”

If you work for or run a small and want to engage in a great value programme to raise your profile and boost your fundraising,  without employing permanent staff, we can help.

We can help people get to know you, understand your work and engage in giving.

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