How to make  for

Ever wondered how to do this, wanted to from the of organic fruit for example, then see the whole article.

Take the of any number of Citrus fruits….Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, (and make sure its is well scrubbed on the out side)
Granulated White Sugar or Billingtons Natural Granulated Sugar (equal in weight to the )

Soak Overnight
Next Day, throw away the soaking water
Add sufficient water to cover
On a Medium to high heat cook until soft

Now drain off the water again
Add I cup of fresh water and the sugar (remember equal in weight to the amount of you had at the beginning)
Bring slowly to the boil, adjusting the heat for the following…(Boil for approximately 3 hours)
Allow most of the syrup to boil away (being careful not to let it burn, or let the stick to the bottom of the pan)
The put on a plate to cool

or  Lift the out onto greaseproof paper and put on top of a cooling rack,  turn the every day for 3 to 4 days to dry.  It will be very sticky to start with. Leaving by an aga if you have one can help or in the airing cupboard

Store in an airtight jar or tin

A nice way to serve this after using in mince meat, pud and Cake is to cut into small pieces or strips and dip in melted chocolate and allow to cool…yum (see picture)


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