Jonathan’s mother made these at Cistmas when I was a boy, half dipped in chocolate they are even better.

1 Ib of icing sugar
drops of peppermint oil extract..or more to taste (for cooking)
I egg white
1 tsp of cream
3 drops of lemon juice

The Method

Add the peppermint oil to the icing sugar, then whip the white of the egg and add to the misture along with a teaspoon of cream and 2-3 drops of lemon juice.

Mix and knead the mixture and roll out on a board to the required thickness, cut out with a round cutter, and place on a plate covered with grease oof paper, leave to dry zithromax cena. then place in the fridge to cool if you are going to cover in chocolate

For choc covered, melt chocolate in a bowl over hotwater (best quality plain cooking chocolate) and dip each peppermint cream in chocolate and place back on greaseoof paper when finished re to the fridge to harden.

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