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Safari Privacy, stopping ads and trackers is to a better browsing experience, there is no real foolproof way to do this but there is no reason you can’t put a few hurdles in the way of ads and trackers on your apple products. The first thing is you do not have to Safari but if like me you do, but want some alternatives and a way to tighten up Safari Privacy then here goes…

Don’t there are already a few settings in safari to help with this

Safari Privacy safari privacy - privacy 300x75 - Safari Privacy | iPad, iPhone and Mac

Someone asked me to day about how companies are able to track them and serve them ads they don’t want on their iPhone and iPad as well as their mac.  So here is a bit of advice and my recommendations on Safari Privacy (no sponsors here)…

Browsers for Safari Privacy (not using safari!)

1. Duck Duck Go,  should also be your search engine of choice on Mac or PC they make this extension to add to Safari on your mac: to Duck duck instead of Google which tracks you. 

Duckduckgo also make this browser for iPad and iPhone:

2. Tor Browser is better still, originally developed for the dark web and is a version of firefox which can be found and downloaded on MacUpdate here:

Mac OS Extensions and iOS apps for Safari Privacy

3. Wipr )and an app for Safari on iOS (

4. 1BlockerX is similar to Wipr as an extension for Safari on Mac OS ( ) and an app for Safari on iOS ( )

5. Weblock ( ) s in a way on iOS only and I tend to run this and one of the other extensions above.

6. Adguard Pro  ( is a little more expensive but s on a proxy blocker as well as a browser plugin and is probably the best and most all-round security and ad blocker for you


All of these can at times limit your browsing experience, beca some sites know when you run an ad blocker or tracker blocker and try to get you to turn it off. They do this by blocking content until you turn of the ad blocker, I have just stopped using these sites. They don’t want Safari Privacy or your privacy at all. Most media sites once you open them or your ID with them to log in elsewhere also track you. The main reason they do this is to serve ads and to guide your searches towards certain products you are more likely to buy and do it through them for which they get a cut.

Data is King, every ounce of data will be extracted from every digital experience you have if the organisations can get it. From your phone, from Alexa, Siri and Google, from your of map services and Sat Nav and so on.  The above just attempts to put  a tiny limit on . This data is not d for your benefit but to manipulate you for the profit of this organisations. Media for example is not in any way Free, and the more data they have how free do you you are in the digital world?

So ensuring some Safari Privacy, or at least some privacy on your Mac, iPad and iPhone is a step toward a bit of independence

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