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The Numbers Game

It’s everywhere, since the 1970s the numbers game society has taken over. It’s the label that counts, the bag you carry not whats in it that counts. It’s the quantity, the bling, not the quality, that means something. How loud is your mobile phone ring tone?

And it was all summed up by a news article I read some years ago. The article was ostensibly about how many sexual partners you had on your ‘List’.

What is that all about…we are truly living in the world of the counting machine, where soul and sense and spirit mean nothing in the face of ‘how many’, ‘how much’, ‘how big’ and so on.

The world where celebrity rules, and bleak is really the new black, where we more about what the Kardashians did on insta than how our neighbours are, where it’s not the words you communicate that matter but the style of the phone you speak into.

It’s not that I am prudish about sex and sexuality, about numbers, about girls or boys and how many partners they have had. No its more about another thing being reduced to the numbers. What privileged world do many of to commentators exist in, that world of singletons, where the figure ONE must be somehow overcome by the counting of else, and even if the figure TWO is reached, it is still not enough.

Perhaps by questioning it I give this all more credence, when it is really a boring little piece of a tedious rarefied world, of if you are in it counting away like mad and shagging like crazy it is probably fantastic.

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Meanwhile Alexis Sanchez (the erstwhile Footballer), is paid £500,000 a week,  24 million pounds a year by Manchester united and thousands will get notice that they were being made redundant at Swindon’s Honda Factory.

Bring back , caring, good hearts, social services, the good of the nation, loving your neighbour, community, charitable concern , open minds, beca love heals hate. Lets frown on the ‘more than you’ mentality, the numbers game.

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