Cycling | at a considerable discount

| at a considerable discount

Really, | at a considerable discount, well has massively expanded over the last 10 years and have certainly changed the way some of us look at if we don’t like lycra. A vast number of are used in the journey to and from . You only have to go to Amsterdam to see how this could better and reduce pollution. The Government wants to encourage this.

I bought an recently (a Raleigh Motus via eBay at a fraction of the list price, who says you can’t still get bargains?)  and have enjoyed the freedom, fitness and pleasure brings. The additional benefit of not being reliant on the car is even better

Its worth reminding you that there is Uk break of up to 40% off the cost of a ! A  free subsidised by the government and helped by your employer…yes its true. was actually started in 1999 and enables basic rate payers to get a massive 40 % off the cost of a new under the Governments greener transport scheme.

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How does it for

How does it ? Well your employer is allowed to provide you with a to travel to as a -free benefit, you can use this for leisure too as long as you use it in your commute to . What really happens is

  • your buys the and…
  • leases it to you over a set period (anything from 1 to 3 years)
  • at the end of this you can buy the for a nominal fee (around 2 to 5% of the original price).
  • Your can claim VAT back on the purchase,
  • the money you pay in your lease comes out of your salary pre, and…
  • everyone wins including the environment.

The easiest way to get | at a considerable discount, sorted, is through a provider, and they ensure your can get the scheme going without lots of bureaucracy and hassles with accounts and payroll. Check it all out at:

and one for though there are others


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