Appraisal for senior staff is essential (but it’s not once a year!)

Apaisal for senior staff is essential (but it’s not once a year!)

Apaisal for senior Staff is essential, many see this as a once or twice a year ocess, but this is not really a ogressive or ive view. The kind of apaisal we are talking about by an executive manager of Senior Managers is a ocess of reflection and planning that is ongoing and continual.

Your maxim will be communication, communication communication, which in almost all circumstances means listening, listening, listening.

The staff you might offer apaisal for to have clear schedules, be able to manage and communicate this along with their and whether they are meeting . If you work in a ‘soft’ organisation such as a or care organisation having is often seen as a bit hard line, too corporate, but again I would say its essential.

appraisal - iu 4 300x172 - Appraisal for senior staff is essential (but it’s not once a year!)

are created in cooperation with a manager, you will have things you want your senior team to achieve but you to be able to understand and them in areas of work they are working in and for.

You may get staff who are unwilling or unable to create scheduling, or work to . If this is the case they should be asked what they to achieve and if they still can’t, a capability ocess can be your next step.


Back to reflection and planning, some of it takes place before the meeting, some immediately afterwards and then some throughout the year in the form of mid-year reviews. Whilst a formal apaisal meeting takes place on a particular date, the ocess should be seen as more ongoing and fluid than this. I believe senior managers should meet to discuss for and achievement of their and schedule on an ongoing monthly/quarterly basis which can be loosely recorded. Your aim here is to get them to succeed, so at any apaisal you are not faced with someone who isn’t on target.

In 2019 you will find some excellent HR oducts cloud based, sharepoint based or a quick shout out for Citationapaisal meetings and also remind the manager.

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