Charity Branding

Your charity branding should be something to be proud of...

A logo should be incisive and innovative; remarkable, unique and surprising, is yours, does each element of your brand say something about the remarkable charitable work you do.  Thats just the start of assuring others that what you do is worth supporting.

Here for a cardiac rehabilitation company this early part of the illustration process has silhouettes which demonstrate, the aims of the organisation.

ClientS&C Healthcare
SkillsProduct Design / Charity Branding

Is your message getting across

From the moment a potential donor, volunteer or staff member finds out about you, they should understand your values, the behaviours expected, your aims and objectives, the should see from images , what you do, how you do it and that its worthwhile, in fact its something they want to be part of.

Charity Checkup can advise and support you to make that happen.

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