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If you are looking for ways to imove quality and get you set up on the ocess cycle I recommend this, remember this is not some jolly, it will involve hard work and time, for real s in quality and business ocesses

  1. Describe all the ocesses in your …..wait you say there are hundreds
  2. No efficient organisation actually has or should have more than ten ocesses…your first look might be to simplify, like Steve Jobs when he reed to Apple.

3 Look for the symptoms of poor quality, then treat the disease.

The symptom might be your inventory is too an increased cost (this could be just in cleaning oducts or stationary), but the disease is uncertainty, so slack has been built in to compensate.

The symptom Management is constantly checking and auditing where the disease is mistrust; You see a symptom where work is being done twice or broken down into small parts and not oceeding , the disease can be derived from the evious example or just not clear enough communication along this ocess both downwards and upwards.The symptom could be staff claiming exception, special cases or immense complexity, the disease is that these are being managed from too simple a base or boundary, perhaps the organisation has grown organically and now its time to .

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