Change is ed

Yes change is ed. How can we grasp the ideas of another culture or another person, when the very way we and they define our worlds s a different context, a different language even. How is it possible to cross the divide and come to some comprehension. The sufi saint Jallal’uddin Rumi  said that we could not define or come to an understanding of God in this world beca God is not of this world. Yet that does not stop our spiritual search or a love of the divine.

How can we exist side by side with individuals with countries with culture that is so different from our own, and not fall out, not feel rejected or abandoned, slighted or put upon. In the 21st century this has brought new challenges.

We can learn from history, there is a Turkish ing “he who is burned by the soup blows on the yogurt” our past experience has been that those who are different from us are our enemies, we wont take on their ideas or bother to understand them. This however is false reasoning.

Food changes us

I only have to look at the food in the supermarket and how it has changed since I was a boy to understand how our tastes have changed and how these tastes have been effected, to the good, by other countries and cultures. And as I think about my own personal ideas and ideals how they have changed over the years and been influenced by other people

However there are some people in the UK that won’t eat anything with Garlic or whatever the colour of their own skin maintain a view of others that is really coloured by race, or whose ideas are so fixed and yet their foundation so unsure that they can’t let anything in, any other idea, thought, ideal, view, beca to do so would, as it appears unconsciously to them, destroy their sense of self.

Change is ed

Perhaps we all do it, shut out ideas, don’t really listen, and if we have been hurt, burnt as in the turkish ing, it’s even worse.  I am aware than having been divorced and remarried, I would not want to be hurt again, but I ref to shut myself off, or shut my feelings down. For love whilst it is wounding is also healing.

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I love ideas, I love people, I love the many cultures and people’s that make up our world. Islam fascinates me as does American Capitalism, both in their best sense and in the way they have been corrupted. I look for our #commonground, what we have in common and celebrate our differences.

Many of us across the globe have n up on change, beca it is as if change exists in a different culture, and is therefore not for us, similarly many have n up on politics one of the drivers for change. #changepolitics   All the turmoil of recent years that has effected the marginalised so badly means it is even more urgent that we change and work harder to let the spirit, soul, community and common ground back into our lives, beca it is through this we communicate with each other in the things we share, in the things that bring us together and effect the change we .

Break the deadlock

It is also a time for us to break the deadlock between one idea and another , one religion or another in their conflicts, one political view or another in theirs. We to think outside the box, with completely new ideas for life, completely new ways of approaching change and transformation.  Perhaps it is time to change the rules, to look at things differently.  How to do this means people giving up their worldly power, being less protective of their ideas and ways. Why? Beca the way we do it now just doesn’t work…does it.

Sub Saharan Africa ravaged by HIV/Aids and war and poverty, the western world plagued by obesity and heart problems, look you at the graffiti, the fear we have for each other, the lack of awareness and poverty of education and knowledge, the violence that pervades our world the greed, and then here and there a few people planting the seeds of love. What of the internet, has this brought more good to the world, or allowed more corruption and distortion?

Each of might examine our own ability to communicate, to listen, to , to love, to be true to all we know and to ourselves, our own powerlessness in the face of war and famine, of poverty and corruption and all the other things that may blight our society.

When change is ed, slowly, slowly try to do a little, knowing that what you want and what is possible…they are worlds apart. Start now and discuss the changing world by leaving a question or an answer in our Q&A forums

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