Core values and behaviours 3 – Living and demonstrating them.

and 3 – Living and demonstrating them.

So we have defined our and , written them up shared them as signs on noticeboards and they are on the website and facebook, linked, twitter, insta etc, Then we just get on with business as usual…NO What you just cred is a WORN document, Written Once, Read Never. So the and you worked so hard to produce just get ignored. There is a next step, a really important step, that is to translate the and into that are easy to understand by your .

There are 6 easy ways to communicate the and to every member staff, lets get on with it.

Sorry but you have to live these you can’t just tell .

Talk about and

Whilst 70% of employee agreed that their companies had performed well said their executive management team speaks to them often about the and associated with the culture of the company. Its “observational learning” that makes the difference. We learn by observing others. Therefore, it is important for us and others in our organisation that have influence, to live the so that others can learn.

Integrate your into new ’ induction training program. Have a story for each value chosen and what your organisation expects in terms of related to the . 88% of who know their and say they are engaged with the organisation, which means you are more likely to retain them, compared to 54% who did not know any of their company’s and .

just recruit on competency. Recruit who already have your . This point is linked to the Competency Iceberg model which demonstrates that 20% of an individual is mostly the technical competencies i.e. education, work experience, whereas 80% (the hidden/below the surface of an iceberg) is all about the essence of the individual i.e. , beliefs and feelings. You can always always train a person to do a job but its a lot harder to train a person on your .

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79% of say recognition tied to and gave them a stronger sense of company goals and objectives. Rather than employee of the month for hitting targets, you look for Employee of the month exemplifying our and and get staff to vote for them. It might equally be something quarterly or yearly.

Performance Management is key and Incorporating and as part of your performance management process is essential. Those and should in some way be measurable.

Reviewing based on is interrelated with rewarding for demonstrating the . So supervisors need to watch for these and and demonstrate how they are recognised. In other words its useless to have a value of accountability or openness if no one knows how you demonstrate this.

So by clearly communicating and integrating our and with the processes such as recruitment and performance management, we can increase employee engagement which in leads to higher productivity and reduced over.

Whats not to like?

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